Is it true that star-nosed moles can identify and eat thirteen things a second. … ppendages/

The article says "The star-nosed mole can touch 13 separate areas of the ground every second, and can locate and consume 8 separate prey items in under 2 seconds

It is so very quick that sometimes it misses identifying true food sources. This article: … moles/428/ says that:

"The fleshy tentacles, each of which is covered with over 25,000 sensory receptors (called Eimer’s organs), are used to repeatedly touch objects near the mole. Catania found that when a mole finds something that could be food, it needs just 250 milliseconds (a quarter of a second) to identify it, decide if it is edible, and eat it. Of that time, Catania found, only 8 milliseconds — 8 thousandths of a second — are actually used for the mole’s brain to make the identification."

It needs just 250 milliseconds to get through the whole process!