I am not the person you are referring to. I am just interested in this subject.
And I am just asking if anyone has looked at the possible connection between ADVANCED pterosaurs and birds?
So far the references you have given just include BASAL pterosaurs.

Well no, but for the same general reasons, aside from a few obvious convergences (like pneumaticity, though even that might well be primitive for archosaurs), birds have almost literlaly nothing in common with pterosaurs, basal or derived. Yet birds do have a coloissal amount in common with derived dinosaurs and pterosaurs have a lot in common with dinosauromorphs / basal archosaurs. People have not, to my knowledge, stuck them in an analysis to see if they will come out together becuase they won't. That's not a statement based on assertion, but knowledge of the material - cladistics workds to find sister-taxa relationships between those which have the most in common, and since birds have almost nothing in common with pterosaurs, they are not going to come out with them any more than they will come out with crocs or mammals. Until someone can come up with about 50 convincing characters shared by pterosaurs and birds that are not shared by birds and dinosaurs, or by pterosaurs and basala archosaurs, no analysis can do it. I've worked on pterosaurs a lot and know basal birds at least passably and I think I'd struggle to get to half a dozen characters, 50 isn't going to happen.