Are plastic bottles bad for our health? My grandma has been regularly drinking from a plastic bottles of the class 7. I told her that according to some research, plastic bottles of that class were potentially harmful. She then went to the kitchen to show me a plastic bottle of the class 1 (is there such thing?) and I was just wondering if you guys could tell me which bottles are safe and which are potentially harmful?

Adrian it's a good while since you posted this and the fact no one has replied implies that most us are unsure of the answer since the issue you raise is a bit off beam with regard to biology. For sure it is NOT within a light year of my area of expertise but it would seem to me that whilst some plastics do have, at least in-vitro, oestrogenic effects; that is a far cry from saying drinking from certain types of plastic bottles will be potentially harmful (especially to somone who I assume is 60+).

Speaking personally, things like the threat of global warming, pandemics such as SARS or avian flu and the explosion in the incidence of obesity are all a lot higher on my list of concerns than chemicals from plastics.