Found in Central California Native American shell midden. I think it is a badger claw. Some modification/grinding present on distal end. When I look online it doesnt look quite right. Curvature does not appear identical and appears to be too smoth/flat on sides.

Appears identical to previous post: … hp?id=7795

Thank you for your help!

Let me know if you need more information.

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It's hard to think of an alternative to a badger claw, but the structure doesn't seem quite right. Mainly because I can see no sign of a junction along the bottom of the curve. This may just be an artefact of the angle of the photographs however.

This puzzles me as it looks like it's rectangular in cross-section, rather than being trangular or arched, and I cannot see any junctions.

Photos from the top, bottom and ends would be very helpful in working out just what this might be...