I live in London in the Uk and I want to be a paleontologist. I'd like to work with dinosaur fossils and fossils in general but i am unsure of the career path.

What courses would you recommend I study and what universities offer them?

You would need science and/or maths as A-levels then do an undergraduate degree in biology, zoology or a related field and only then specialise via  taught masters or a PhD in paleontology. This is a very competitive field. You might want to think about getting some volunteering/work experience at your local museum first to find out more abut the subject.

There is not really a palaeontology undergraduate course available in the UK. Palaeontologists generally come through a bakcground of zoology/ biology, or geology and then begin to specialise at the Masters level. There are some joint honours programs or MSci courses that allow you to do large chunks of both biology and geology modules, but this is about as close as you can get normally. The real work comes after the first degree, but to get there, as David notes, you need to be strong in the sciences.