This insect flew into my room and I can't find it in my entomology book or online and was wondering if I could get any help. Thanks.
I'd say it's about 3/4" long, the abdomen is black and yellow stripes, but the stripes are just straight, it has large eyes as big as it's head and it's jaws are large and curved away from the head (so there's a gap between where they come together and it's head). It's legs are black and then yellow, it's antennae are short and have yellow bases and underneath it's completely black. Oh and it can make sounds like a buzzing but without moving it's wings.

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It is very difficult to tell, but it looks like a bee or wasp. Carpenter bees have really powerful jaws for boring into wood, and wasps are often predatory with jaws to match. I'm just guessing here, a much better photo is necessary.