They seen very small dinosaur.
What is the size of this dinosaur looks like 3ft tall, weoght I keep finding 450-900lbs mostly 900lbs. And length 8ft.

They said to be strong enough to fight of velcerators and jaw strength possibly to break limbs of Velceraptors. The speed is like 12mph I guess or bit faster. Their body must be taugh enough to take attacks from small predators like  sharp claws and talons. So they make their body endurable enough. But what about oviraptor if they have to fight them. Like one on one. What the strongest sense of mostly all animal have one that is strongest cats are hearing and dogs is their noise. So maybe their vision is sharp eyes enough to see predator.

But how tall is velceraptor exactly?
Also does it really take two of these to take down large Protecratops.

How many will it take Velceraptors to kill fully grown adult triceratops just asking how many this tripcerptops is very health and strong. So how many will they need and how many will be killed for this fight?

Please answer each of these questions

Hi there,

I'll have a go at this, but you are asking an awful lot of questions and most of them cannot easily be answered. You must remember that a lot of palaeontolopgical data is very ;limited and we cannot easily work out things about behaviour especially - a few bones do not often get you very far!

Protoceratops is a small dinosaur, but many of the specimnes seen in museums and in books are juveniles and only about half grown. An adult would be around 3 m or so in length and perhaps weight a couple of hundred kilograms. I do not think anyone has tried to estimate their speed, but given their build I doubt they were very fast.

At a push they might defned themselves by biting, but it would not be much of a defence against most predators. However, since carnivores typically target young animals, the adults were probably farily safe from attack most of the time. We as scientists don't try to look at who kills who or how they fought unless there is direct evidence from it (like stomach contents or bite marks) and trying to calcualte sizes and what it means for defence is basically impossible. So questions like how many would it take to kill another animal cannot be worked out and would have no scientific information so we don't even try, so there's little I can say about your later questions.