What is the difference between OP50 E. coli and other strains of E. coli such as HB101?

All laboratory strain of E. coli have specifc genotypes that allow them to be used in specific ways. For example, a common strain is XL1 Blue, which, among other things, has an F' episome under tetracyclin selection. It is also deficient in a DNA methylation enzyme (dam), making it good for plasmid preparations. BL21, a protein expression strain, is often modified with a DE3 phage fragement which expresses T7 polymerase. There are also auxotrophic strains which only grow in the presence of specific chemicals.

To tell the difference between strains, you need to find out their genotype. Unfortunately OP50 is poorly characterised, there doesn't seem to be much about it except that it is a Uracil auxotroph, is streptomycin resistant and useful for growing as food for C. elegans.


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