Since I was a child I loved dinosaurs and still do now. However, during my school years I made wrong choices and I have now found myself in a position that will not lead me to my into my dream career of being a palaeontologist. The question I want to ask might sound like I am looking for the easiest way into the field but I am not. I am willing to do anything to get there. Is there any ways of getting into palaeontology without having A levels or a degree.

The most straight forward way of getting involved is to volunteer. Scientists are notoriously cash-strapped, so are often looking for volunteers to help with their field work. This can, if you are lucky, lead to employment not as a scientist but as a field work labourer or organiser. However, if you are looking to have a career as an academic, you will need at minimum a post graduate degree from a reputable university. I'm sure there are exams to grant a-level equivalence, which would qualify you for the further study you will need to become a working scientist.

Science is a training-heavy career, and there isn't really a way around that.

I'm not in paleontology but as a general rule A levels (or equivalent diplomas, NVQs etc) would be the mimimum required for a scientific technician post in the UK (although many require a degree).  I would say it is worth exploring the possibility of getting back into education (e.g. on a part time basis) if this is your dream.

Also perhaps think about whether you want to be directly involved in primary paleontological research, or whether an associated field (e.g. public outreach or education) would be equally appealing. In the latter case maybe think about volunteering for a museum or similar as well.