Sometimes when I wake up from my sleep I feel like I just went to bed a minute before I was wondering if theoretically you can do that while awake

Sleeping is basically a loss of consciousness, which is why you wake up and suddenly it's morning without experiencing all those hours in between.

Being awake is the polar opposite, ie you are conscious. Your question is a little unclear, but I think you are asking if you can induce a period of unconsciousness while simultaneously remaining awake. I don't believe that is possible, and they seem to be mutually exclusive states by definition, though sleep is an active area of research and there are grey areas such as sleep walking. There is one way to make what you describe happen while awake; fall asleep!

I'm not 100% sure on this, but focused concentration can seem to make time run faster, even if you are simply meditating. There are such things as hynogogic trances, sometimes attained through the use of drugs.

People who consume large quantities of alcohol can lose time while awake, thought I cannot recoment that!

In the process of sleep your brain (and body) is still doing things, it's just that you don't remember it. To get this effect while awake I suspect you would need strong drugs or epilepsy (or some other severe brain disorder/injury).