Yes i as wondering if you could tell me if this is indeed a reptile (i'm thinking turtle) eye that is petrified. The reason it looks a little greasy is because rolling around in my junk drawer for 3 years it was cloudy so iu put vitamin E on ot so the picture would show the pupil.

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That looks very much like just a lump of some odd mineral to me I'm afraid. Soft tissues do petrify, but usually they are pretty touch materials (like skin, claws, feathers) and very rarely do things like muscles even partly preserve and then they are generally quite shrunken and damaged. Eyes basically never preserve except under very special circumstances and exceptional preservation conditions and even then as little more than a stain on the rock. I can't conceive that an eyeball would fossilise like this wthout the entire skeleton and every major organ (heart, lungs etc.) also surviving in immacualte condition.