Disclaimer, please know I understand there must be a huge amount of flotsam dragged in to experts for opinions, dust-bunnies as possible dinosaur toenails, etc. Promise this is a serious enquiry- have a few more but maybe ' fossil ' isn't the correct word, is it ' petrified'?

Thanks very much for this outlet, hope to point my 15 year old son in this direction- his sister is a doctoral candidate in organic chem but he seems to be far more interested in bio so far. To get back to the question- we live in an astonishing place, pretty deep Appalachians, USA. The thing is, have just learned nearby property owners have sold lumbering rights. Something we've known for some time will be in danger of becoming vastly- problem is finding professionals to recognize what we have under our feet. We haven't wished to have it poked around in to this point- it's a lovely part of the country and who wants to attract attention?

Who knew it would be difficult? To get to the point, something massive must have happened in the area and on our own land between 65 and 100 million years ago. We have honestly tried to have experts look at a some of what we've found, to perhaps have some of these ancient things seen but the feedback has been ' just rocks'. Silly to argue with experts and professionals but honestly- it's incredibly clear we're looking at bones and teeth and claws and shells, and yes, unbelievably, eggs. One fossil? Honestly seems to be early human, or at least should be looked at by someone who with expertise.

No idea how many photos we are allowed to add. Really hope I do not blow my credibility by posting something which looks for all the world like part of a ' human ' foot, first, first next to a shoe, then on top- it seems one can see an outline of the large toenail. Hopefully I'll be allowed to post photos of various bones, trying to pick things which experts might find very identifiable. Perhaps agatized bone, if there is room.

SO sorry for the long post, and please know we're not interested in money, merely information to take to the right people- or perhaps just the right people, keep an ancient place from being terribly dug up. Thanks very much!

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Sorry Annie, there's nothing strikes me in the images as being a fossil, though perhaps other contributors here can see something.