i know from dolly the sheep, that the dna from another sheep can be placed into another egg in place of its nuclei & fertilized through some means of electrolysis..

here is the question:
can we eliminate the inability for a couple (man and a woman) to have a baby by..
1. the woman would have a sample of DNA (maybe from her skin or blood) some how placed in a good donor egg...


2. instead of an electrolysis method, the egg be fertilized by the male sperm.

This would allow 2 people to have a baby even after the wife/woman is into menopause if they so desire. This would be an enormous breakthrough.

Please tell me if this can be done?


Yes, and I believe this has been done, though not without some contraversial failures. The resulting offspring is said to have "three biological parents", because they get maternal and paternal DNA just as you describe, but also the mitochondrial DNA from a third party, the egg donor.

Have a look here: