Hello, I was wondering is it possible to go under a mutation of a combination of human DNA and animal DNA, would the body be acceptable to the change, and could you inherit these traits of the animal DNA or would the body refuse the the the animal DNA, for example like if you combined the DNA of a wolf with a humans could you possibly get the traits of the fur or any other things from the wolf and could they benefit both species?

DNA is the same no matter which organism it is taken from so cells will not recognise the differences between DNA from different organisms per se. What will cause the gene to be expressed or not is if the gene is switched on or off by the cell and if the cell has the correct machinery to make the protein or if a functional protein is produced.

agreed- DNA from one species when inserted into another (transgenesis) will in almost all occasions allow the foreign genes to be expressed. As ReetikaSuri says it is then down to the cellular machinery of the host organism how well the gene is expressed and where.

You also need to be aware that this has many ethical issues associated with it and in almost all countries worldwide it is illegal to undertake genetic engineering as you describe in humans. In contrast, placing human genes into transgenic animals (most commonly mice) is done routinely in many labs worldwide.