Hi when does male skull stop growing? I meant the size, Will a head circumference increase more after age 18? Thanks.

Hi Deniz,

males tend to become more robust as they get older, so although the skull stops growing from the edges of the various plates that make it up, it can become thicker and more rugged in places (especially above the eyes). Muscle and some fat is also present under the skin of parts of the skull, so this may also increase head size a little.

Of course, this all depends on lifestyle - particularly diet and the amount of chewing a person does, as muscle and bone development are related to use.

correct. Unlike long bones whose growth plates fuse at the end of puberty and hence why we stop growing, the same does not apply to the skull. That is why in a number of hormone diseases such as acromegaly with excess growth hormone or Padget's disease, the skull can still enlarge as an adult.