Dear sir/madam

I am a teacher of biology in a Greek high school and I participate in a research concerning school biology textbooks taught to students of age 16-18, in England. 

Therefore, you are kindly requested to send me:
1.    A list of the school biology textbooks that are recommended for students of age 16-18, in England (Titles, authors, publishers, edition year, ISBN), pointing out which are the most popular ones.
2.    The titles of the chapters taught in each school year (16-17 and 17-18).
3.    The reason-criteria each school selects the books that will be used in class.
4.    A list of researches-evaluations regarding school biology textbooks taught to students of age 16-18, in England. Would you kindly send me the titles of relevant articles along with the titles of journals they are published in?

I’d very much appreciate your informing me on all or any of the above.

Thank you very much for your time and your kind cooperation.

Anastasia Kampouri.

I am sorry Anastasia but I would be very surprised if any of us can help you. If you look at the site you will see we answer question about biology and not how it is taught. I woud guess there must be discussion groups for teachers on the web where you are more likely to get a helpful answer.


Just to add to David's comments, a quick Google search of "'A' Level Biology Textbooks brought up this: … 719576709/ and from that this: … 43-6535064

Heinemann has this: … ology.aspx
and Cambridge University Press has this: … 167#alevel

This may help, I don't know.