I just moved into a new house 2 weeks ago and this snow has just cleared and it's beginning to warm up here in Cincinnati Ohio. I was getting undressed this morning for bed(I work 3rd shift) when I noticed this bug crawling down my laundry hamper. My first instinct was its some type or roach, or termite, but after I caught it and smashed it gently to kill it for a closer look I'm not sure.

I've not seen any signs of roach or termite presence in the home. Maybe it got on my clothes from outside. I just want some possible reassurance that I'm not looking at a possible infestation. This is the only one I've seen just now, it's dark brown, and about half an inch in length. I really appreciate some feedback before My paranoia has an exterminator out here for no reason. Thank you very much!

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Hi Timothy,
I think it is some kind of roach; probably a juvenile.