Hey there!

I'm in a houseshare in England and reallllyyy need some peace of mind with these little pests!

Been finding these little critters in the bathroom. They always seem be in or just on the rim on the bath tub, so i'm guessing they are coming from the drain?

They look pretty leechy to me (but what do I know?!) but I can't see a "mouth" of any sort - might be because they are so tiny?

Thank you so much for your time :) xx

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Hi Kat,

The photos you have are definitely a leech.

I'm not a leech expert, by any stretch of the imagination but there are a couple of points I can make:
1. This leech is harmless to humans - only the very rare medicinal leech and the horse leech can penetrate human skin; other leech species are parasites of fish and other aquatic vertebrates
2. Leeches in th UK live in both still and flowing waters; without further information on the potential hydrological regimes where you live, it is difficult to say how and why these little critters are getting into the house. It may be worthwhile getting the drains checked to ensure they are not blocked.

I hope this helps a little.