Could you tell me please , if an Egyptian Vulture...Neophron percnopterus, was to lose its mate , which I believe it has for life. Would it then take another mate or be like the Mute Swan and become single and a non breeder.

Many thanks


This is hard to answer as I don't think we have any data (at least that I can find published). Egyptian vultures and mute swans are both said to "mate for life" but what is really meant by this is that pair bonds are, in general, maintained over multiple breeding seasons. We don't really know what the likelihood of different possible outcomes is if the bond gets broken (e.g. by death of one partner). It's also the case that there are (nearly) always exceptions to any general pattern.

For instance, in mute swans loss of a mate (e.g. due to death) can result in the animal becoming a non-breeder, but we also know that sometimes they do remate so it is not really correct to talk in absolute terms. the same may well be true for Egyptian vultures.