I have a woodpigeon who is nesting under the eave, above my flat roof, hes actually managed to get into the roof, but not into the loft. I want to block the entrance so that he can't nest there in future, but not while they have young in the nest. I don't want to disturb the incase the abandon any young that might be there now.

Can any one advise me when the nest will be empty so I can seal it off without harming the birds.

Really appreiciate any advice. Ps These are the bigger green and greyish birds, not the city pigeons.


Some info here
http://www.bto.org/sites/default/files/ … _woodp.pdf

Pigeons have unusually long breeding seasons I'm afraid and this species has been recorded breeding year round in the UK. So you probably can't be 100% certain but it would be unusual for young to be in the nest in teh middle of Winter. I'd wait till Oct/Nov if you want to fairly certain of causing no problems (unless you can inspect the nest earlier to check).