How do a starfish's eyes work?They are always lying on the ground,so what can its eyes really do to help them live?

Hi Tina,

Animals have eyes for a few different functions. One of the most basic is simply to tell light from dark, so that the animal can keep track of large changes to its environment. This doesn't require complicated eyes, just a patch of light-senstive cells is sufficient. Seastar (because they aren't actually fish!) eyes are very simple, in that they have no lens like our eyes do. They also work very slowly, meaning that they have to be able to look at something for a while to be able to see it, kind of like taking a long exposure with a camera. Seastar eyes are very poorly studied, and it is only recently that we have begun to understand how they use them. To find out some more, have a look at this article from Ed Yong, one of my favourite science bloggers. … heir-arms/

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