I'm not sure whether it has been noticed, I've not quite seen it written or said anywhere, hope it's not a waste of time for you guys.

A year or so ago, I happened to watch 'Inside Natures Giants' about the Casowary Bird. It's clear to see that the inside toes of these birds is small and the talon is quite long, rather like that of Raptors, just without the curve. I wondered whether other Bird species had this Raptor-like foot configuration and I did notice that most Birds today do have this Raptor-like foot. Thinking about it, it's not reallt that suprising since Birds come from flying/gliding Dinosaurs.

Thank for your time, and I do appolgise if it ends up being a waste of your time.

You're right -- birds are dinosaurs since they're descended from dinosaurs, just as we are primates because we're descended from primates. And just as we inherited things from more primitive primates (big brains, forward-facing eyes, opposable thumbs), so birds inherited things from more primitive dinosaurs, including the structure of their feet.

The specific resemblance between the spiked inner toe of cassawaries and the curved inner toe of Velociraptor is not directly inhereted, though -- intermediates on the line leading to cassawaries lacked this, and it re-evolved (in a rather different form) independently.