Hi, to start i am no expert in insects of any sort but i have an appreciation for wildlife, nature and the outdoors. I will try and explain this as best i can and excuse me if this is a common insect but I've never seen one before, I've spent a bit of time on the Internet and i don't seem to get anywhere. Ive followed some of the tick lists that tell me this insect does not exist or I've filled the boxes in wrong (likely case).

At first glance it looked like a dragonfly, it has two pairs of wings (membranous but with few veins and no hairs), a long abdomen extending out which is black in colour with one white spot/mark on each section, three main sections to its body, head, thorax and abdomen. The hind wings are smaller than its fore wings but similar in shape and not much smaller. Its legs are also rather large of which it has six, the two rear ones quite a lot bigger, deep red/orange in colour at the body going darker towards the ends where it appears to have small claws(two on each foot). also with many sections/joints. It has large eyes which seem to make up most of its head but strangely has two very long 'setacious' antenna. mounted between its eyes. Overall it may be 80-100mm long with antenna of a similar length. It also has other white specs on its body, inside of eyes and on its back. i cant see any other characteristics but i've described it as best i can.

sorry for being so descriptive especially embarrassingly if its a common insect but I'm still intrigued to know what its called. I do have a picture but its taken on my phone, it does have reasonable detail but i've yet to upload it if anyone wants to have a closer look.

Regards, Chris.

thanks without a picture it is unlikely we are going be able to help much. we will need to know your location and where you saw the insect. please do upload the picture to the site noting we seem to be having problems at the moment as you can see from the attachments to your post above!

it might be easiest if you upload the picture to a file or picture sharing site and then copy the URL into your post. Your will need to post a new question on this site to do that.