Hi, Every Spring, I'm always glad to see these little round balls of Spiderlings appear around my garden, and I've always assumed they are Garden Spiders. I also believed till this year, that they had been laid in the previous Autumn by the adult female, where the nest waited out the winter, ready to hatch in Spring: However, I had a fence erected the first week in May, and was amazed that approx a week later the balls started to appear on the new fence, which blew my assumptions to bits!! Therefore, would someone like to tell me which species of spider they are, when they are laid by the parent, and their whole life cycle please? PS, the wee babies are only approx 1.5 mm long/wide and bright mustard yellow, with a black triangle on their backs, and the ball is suspended in the air by lots of strands of silk Thank you

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the link below would suggest they are indeed garden spiderlings

http://wiki.britishspiders.org.uk/index … en_Spiders