hello. i started a garden and compost pile this year, and I noticed two strange earthworm behaviors. I tried looking it up on the Internet and found no explanation that fit properly. First thing; while pulling weeds in my flowerbed I noticed the end of an earthworm (head or tail not sure, probably head?) sticking straight up out of the soil and gently swaying back and forth like a blade of grass in the wind might. I waved my hand slowly over it and it stopped swaying and shrunk back into its hole a bit, then I tapped the ground next to it and it disappeared. Why was it out of the dirt in such a peculiar way? Second thing; while turning my compost pile I noticed a worm just next to the pile and it was rolling around very very quickly. Near its head the body would sort of bunch up from the rolling over motion, but the rest of its body remained straight while it rolled over and over rapidly. I watched it for about 30 seconds or so when it suddenly stopped and resumed acting like a normal worm. what gives!?!

sorry no-one knows the answer to your question.