I've been seeing tiny white/light colored bugs on the kitchen and bathroom walls. While I initially thought they might be mould mites, I'm not sure now based on these photos. could they be book lice or some other bug?
The neighbor had a leak which affected our bathroom which coupled with the summer heat and humidity, I think caused mold and the perfect environment for these bugs so I had the mold removed and an exterminator come last week. But while there are not as many as before, I am still seeing some bugs on the walls, mainly in the kitchen now. I'm not sure if they moved there by finding a path between the walls/openings. I got a dehumidifier for the kitchen and now I am seeing some tiny ones in the bathroom, maybe they are Larvae or baby bugs?

They are tiny and I tried to zoom in as best as possible.

can anyone identify the bugs?

thank you in advance.

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sorry no-one seems to know the answer to your question.