This fly landed in the boot of my car as i was putting the bags in. It was about 30mm long, never seen anything like it before, been searching google but unable to come up with a real match to what it is. Sorry the picture is a bit blurred, tried taking the picture quick before it flew away. Any questions feel free to ask.

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That's a good one, i've only seen a few of those, and i've seen MANY insects! It's one of a small obscure group called scorpionflies, order Mecoptera. It's a group actually most closely related to fleas, infact fleas seem to actually be highly modified scorpion-flies! If the newspapers here of this, we'll be in for some headlines!

Take a look at Panorpa communis, a widespread European species. The male end of abdomen is modified in a structure looking like a scorpion stinger, hence the name scorpionflies! Yours may be female.