The claimed transition from dinosaur to bird is far from smooth:

An Archaeopteryx-like theropod from China and the origin of Avialae (2011) … 822583.pdf

If you look within the Supplementary Information (Section 7. Phylogenetic Analysis) you will see that Paraves has 51 unambiguous synapomorphies out of the 374 characteristics measured. Over 13% difference. You will also notice another large jump at the step before that as well.

The cladistic analysis included 89 taxa including representatives from ornithomimosauria, therizinosauroidea, alvarezsauridae and oviraptorosauria.
In other words, it was comprehensive.

You have not asked a question and I presume this relates to your previous posts on the same subject with Mike Taylor.

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This is the same person who has been onto us before arguing that birds evolved from pterosaurs. He's not worth arguing with.