Most newly discovered dinosaurs are given Greek or Latin names. Why do the Chinese give the dinosaurs discovered there Chinese names?

I'm working on an article for children on naming dinosaurs, and I need to explain this.

While most new species historically were given names in Latin or Greek, many have roots in other languages (and especially those that are named for places which often are locla names in local languages). This has been an increasing trend and one can find dinosaurs and fossil reptiles names that use a huge number of local languages (Quetzalcoatlus, Tsaagan, Nanaqsaurus, Nqwebsaurus). With so many dinosaurs coming from China, it's little surprise they often have names with roots in Chinese, though again, much of this are simply place names - Zhuchengsaurs, Liaoningsaurus, Linheraptor, Jeholornis. Hope this helps.