The Barred Owl is definately one of my favorite birds. I have one by my house, which I always hope to hear outside. It's call is so easy to mimic and it readily responds.

Tonight, however, I heard not one, but two Barred Owls outside, which is odd because I've only ever heard one. They were in opposite north and south directions. They were doing to the common 'who-cooks-for-you? who-cooks-for-you-ou?' call, which I joined in with a not-too-bad imitation. So, I'm wondering, how large a terriotory does each bird cover? I'm guessing the one on the south side could have been an intruder, as the northern one continued to call long after that one fell silent. Despite my best efforts for attempting to see it (which has only happened twice) I couldn't, for that one quit calling as well. Anyone know the reason for that?

P.S. I believe that the call I described is a territorial one meant to warn intruders, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

sorry but no-one seems to know the answer to your question.