Hi. My name is Jemima. I am 8 years old. Yesterday I found a opaque, roundish egg about one and a half cm tall at South Beach
among the shells. It contains a white blob shaped like a tiny cuttlefish with pink dots on it's head which I think are eyes. I am quite sure it is a cuttlefish egg, but I don't really know.
If it is, is it dead or alive and how would I rear it?
There is a picture of it attached.
Jemima O.

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Hi Jemima,

I think that you may be right - it does look like a cuttlefish egg. Great find!

Cuttlefish are quite difficult to rear, so you'd be best off putting back near where you found it - but I realsie it's probably a bit late for that now! Sorry it took so long to get back to you.