At work on Friday, I met what may have been a domestic pigeon or more likely a dove with strange markings, and was not afraid of me for several hours. It was tagged on both feet, one bright blue on the left foot and another barely visible on the right. The wording on the tags was un-readable.

I asked security to catch in and report it. They put it in a box with many holes and added some water in a cup. The security staff was awesome.

What might those tags say if I go back to work and the staff haven't found the owner? Can the tags be scanned to find the owner?

Clearly this bird has no clue how to hunt or defend itself, it will not last long in the wild, and I'm afraid that without proper love, it will not last long in captivity, either, without its owner.

I wish I'd called animal experts yesterday, rather than the security staff, even though security tried their best.

I think of my cats, and how much it would hurt to see them die if they ever ran away.

Can those ankle tags help in finding the owner?

most sensible course of action is to contact a local animal/bird sanctuary or failing that a veterinarian.