I need information (advice) about the subject listed above. We keep a lot of birds, parrots of all kinds. We started to buy from a woman in the area but we found that most of the birds that we bought from her end up ....deformed so to say. We found out she breaks the chicks out of their eggs earlier so that she could gain more money with selling them overseas. Almost all of the birds we bought from her, even my closest pets are deformed. Beaks growing in opposite directions. Feet growing backwards.Unaible to fly. Missing toes ex. I really want some help on the subject, it pains me to see them suffer because of this.

other than to agree what you describe is possible there is not much we can say - not least since you have not asked a question! Depending on where you are based geographically there may be local laws that cover this issues in terms of animal cruelty.