Which is the complex living organism with the least number of total body cells? After single-celled organisms, are there any four-celled or eight-celled organisms in existence? I strongly believe that if evolution were true, we should have two-celled, four-celled, eight-celled....96-celled organisms both still existing as well as in the fossil record. And they should be as abundant as single-celled organisms, more abundant and pervasive/widespread than the current existing/known complex organism with the least number of body cells. So where are they – the two-celled, four-celled, 32-celled organisms? Why are they missing from the natural history record? Did evolution jump the huge gap between single-celled organisms and multi-celled complex organisms? Unfortunately, I'm struggling to find one 'fact' about evolution that can make sense to me.

http://evolutionwiki.org/wiki/No_2-cell … lti-celled