What are your views on intelligent design? Many conservative Christians I know claim that intelligent design is a valid science that is being unfairly suppressed. I personally am of the opinion that it is really nothing more than creation science relabelled. Thanks for this important website!

Hi, Ron.  As a policy matter, we don't want to get into this subject -- whatever we say, we know we will alienate someone, and we can't give such subjects the in-depth treatment they merit in a forum like this.  There are many useful and informative articles on this and related questions on the TalkOrigins web-site:

I will just say that several members of the Ask A Biologist team are Christians, and many others are not.  In general, it seems fair to say that team members' religious beliefs do not dictate their scientific understanding.

I should add that although Mike is quite correct - we simply avoid religion as a matter of policy on AAB - ID has been shown to be a form of creationism both in the legal courts and by admission of many important ID proponents.

It has no scientific value as it presents no theories, no analysis, no research and no evidence.

Science is the testing and analysis of natural phenomena using natural laws and explanations. As a result, the existance (or not) of any god is irrelevant as by definition it is supernatural and thus outside the laws of nature and science. To suggest otherwise is simply unscientific.