Dear experts,
I think that prognancy is a flaw in materialist view and cannot be explained by evolution. Based on evolution, species should evolve to be prognent in the last years of their life.
Am I correct?

You are not correct. All else being equal, selection will favour early reproduction as  - with later reproduction there is a greater chance of death before passing on genes (i.e. you get eaten by a predator). However, all else is not normally equal and the evolution of life histories (basically the expected schedules of maturation, reproduction etc) depends on many trade-offs. For instance delaying reproduction till you are larger can be advantageous if small size means you produce less viable offspring or have a reduced chance of surviving to have future reproductive episodes.

For humans the evolutionary puzzle is not that female reproduction does not happen later in life instead of early. Rather it is why females have such a long post-reproductive lifespan (males can continue to father offspring untill death, but the female menopause ends fertility long before current expectations of lifespan).

Agreed and also the later one leaves reproduction in females the greater the chance of mutations occurring in the eggs since they have been present since early gestation.