Hi, I recently found what I at first thought was a piece of petrified driftwood. I showed it to a few friends and they all believe it is petrified/ fossilized bone. It is 20" long and roughly 3-5lbs. It feels like smooth stone.
I found this on the beach on the Pea Island area of the Outer Banks. About 200 yds south of the Visitor Center.
We are really curious about this amazing treasure from the ocean and want to be able to tell my kids what it truly is. Right now I've told them it's a Se Dragon bone. They love the story I made up, but we all want to know what it really is.
Thank You.

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I'm sure it is a bone and from the size is likely to be a rib from a large aquatic mammal eg a whale. I'll await one of my expert colleagues to respond with more information.