by evolution theory something that help us survive developt so what is point of exercise when evolution is going to change our bodies comfortable for sitting?

Hi Jasmin,

Humans have not evolved for sitting, this is a man-made thing that humans have put on themselves.

Humans have evolved to be bi-pedal and we have evolved to walk a great deal and remain upright. In fact, the most beneficial resting pose for humans is to remain on ones feet and squat to rest rather than assuming a seated position.

However, the human invention of chairs and other furnitures have culturally instiled sitting for us when in fact, if anything too much sitting is terrible for us.

Lets also not forget that humans were not always in a position to idly sit. For the vast majority of humanities existence only those of prime physical condition would survive the harsh environments of early humans and later reproduce. Not only this but excercise reduces many health defects which can lead to premature death or infertility, thus ensuring that humans that exercise are naturally selected for survival.

Natural seleciton also needs a selective pressure to change things - sitting badly might give you problems but it won't stop you having a full life and having kids etc. so natural selection can't change you to adapt to this as there's no advantage to sitting better.