When evolution was happing most big cats dont hunt as packs aspect for Lions and Hyenas.

Why cant other cats like domestic cats, tigers, leopards, or jaguars? 

If they were able to hunt as packs mostly tigers or jaguars could hunt bigger prey?

If domestic cats were able to hunt as packs they could try hunt little bigger size maybe fawn or bit bigger prey? is it possible could domestic cats be able to learn this fromus by tranning but will they pass it on by training their kittens then the kittens will have thier own litter to teach this will this be evolution or adepting

Evolution is continuous and is still happening. Domestic cats have evolved to best fit the niche they occupy and as such do not need to hunt in packs nor is there a slective pressure to do so. I think it most unlikely you could train a group of cats to hunt as a pack but if you did there is no reason to think that information would be passed on to their offspring since that information is not genetically encoded - they are learned behaviours.

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