How tall do they reach i think 2.5ft tall, 30-35lbs, and 6ft long?

In Jurassic Park film size compare to regular size like how many times bigger?

In the film they are 6ft tall, 12-15ft long, and weight 300lbs so they must be 10x big for weight, 2x of height, and 2.5x for length is this correct?

What raptor is this the JP movie considered to be for this size?

Why did they messed up the size for this raptor-like why couldn't they given the right name?

Was it because velociraptor  is more common and easier to prounce

Velociraptor as a real animal was small (under 2 m long, under 1 m tall). The film version was in part fictional exaggeration and part conflation of Velociratpor with Deinonychus and a desire to have a name that sounded good.