I am in need of some advice. I am 26 with two kids (4 and 5mo) I will be graduating in May with my Asscoiates Degree. I will be transferring to an university in the fall. I would love to pursue a career in wildlife biology, it is my dream job. I have applied for an intership for this summer. My fear is that I will not be able to find employment when I graduate. I need to be able to find a job to support my family and I am scared that my degree will be useless. There are other biology options at the university but I do not feel that the outlook is any better. I have researched different jobs within my home state of Kentucky and they are few and far between. So my question is, is having a degree in wildlife biology going to lead to employment or should I be looking somewhere else? I am not a stranger to hard work and I understand many jobs are competitive. I guess I am looking for reasurrance. Any advice or encouragement is most welcome and appreciated! Thank you in advance.

this is a UK based site so I am not sure how relevant our thoughts will be. If you search this site for "wildlife biology" you will get a goodly number of responses you can browse. The points repeatedly emphasised are the importance of work experience/internships and that jobs like this are scarce so you will need to put in many applications before you are successful and spread your net wide geographically.