Hi there, I am a registered holistic nutritionist and live blood analyst. If you are not familiar with live blood analysis, it's the practice examining blood cells under a microscope and determining possible health concerns based on the quality and/or presence of other micro organisms.

This practice, however, has been immensely under fire due to a lot of careless LBA's making faulty claims. I think it is a legitimate practice and a good aid in a nutritional assessment, though would like someone very well versed in human blood to discuss and scientifically back some of the signs in blood and their supposed causes. I don't wish to use any theory I can't scientifically back.

If you're interested in helping, please let me know! Cheers.

-Megan Webber, RHN, LBA

we do not have any specialist haematologists who contribute to this site. You are best off contacting your regional haematology hospital/centre.

Since, this is biology website for the public it is important to emphasise that there is absolutely no good scientific evidence at all to back up the claims made by live blood analysis practitioners. See