Recently I was reading a book about fossil dinosaurs as they were perceived (and imagined to be mythological creatures) in Classical times.  There was a reference to a skeleton being found in some sort of marble.  How is this possible if marble is a metamorphic rock?

Thank you.

There are two possibilities here:

1) Their geology is wrong and the rock is not metamorphic, or
2) The rock is actually very low-grade metamorphic

There are other examples of fossils in metamorphic rocks, although the only specific one that comes to mind is ammonites in Portrush on the Northern coast of Ireland.

However, the geology one seems more likely. People who use stone commercially tend to have a different set of names for things. I have lost count of the number of supposed 'granite' worktops people have installed in their kitchens. These are rarely granite (which is normally pinkish) and are usually some much darker igneous or metamorphic rock. Ordinary limestones also tend to be misclassified as 'marble'.

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