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Firstly, I must apologize to David Wynick for my rather intemperate post, that I made almost 2 years. I would appreciate if someone would let them know that I do understand his position, and appreciated his response.

He did let me know, in no uncertain terms that there is so far, very little actually known about human nose hairs. There just hasn't yet, seem to be any specific call for the research. Research does cost money, and no agency has wanted to foot the bill, yet... That's okay... I can truly appreciate that.

David Wynick spoke diligently, and it was a good answer... As for now, he stated that there is no correlation between human nose hairs and vibrissae. I would therefore, extract that there may be no data, so far that he knows of anyway, whereby any follicle pattern formations may occur inside the human nostril. Thank you David Wynick, for that reply.

no worries and thanks for your comments