I was hoping someone may be able to help me with this. I have just spotted a small cluster of what may or may not be insect eggs in the doorframe on the outside of my house (link to pics attached, had difficulty attaching them directly). I am UK based.

I've very little knowledge in the subject so a google search with generic terms was not very helpful at all.

I was hoping someone may be able to identify what they are, and, if neccessary, what I should do about them. (ie. is it ok to relocate them? or is it best to destroy them if they are bad?)

It may be entirely unrelated, or it may not, but I have also discovered an awful lot of very small, hard shelled bugs appearing in the upstairs of the house, which seem to have short lifespans, as I keep finding dead specimens on the windowsil (again, link to pics attached).

I'd love to know what the formation on the outside of the house is and also why those wee ones (which are a bit ugly, to be fair) seem to like our house so much.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.


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These look like eggs to me. I think they are from sort of bug (i.e. insect in the order hemiptera) but without seeing the animal it's hard to go further (there are c.2000 species in the UK).

The link to your additional photos is inconclusive, but the small insects you are finding could well be nymphs of whatever is hatching from here (short lifespan could be a consequence of no food!) if there is a route inside. If so they are unlikely to cause any damage apart. Alternatively the insects inside could be something slightly more irritating (i.e. capable of causing damage) - compare one to the pics and info on carpet beetles/here which would be the obvious suspect