I have a great fascination for pike ( Esox ) and their predatory nature. I understand how they catch their live pray using their large eyes and lateral sense to detect movement and or vibrations within a certain proximity. Ive done some under water filming of pike in local lakes to see the water very murky indeed which would indicated to me the visual side of the pike is some what very diminished and would not rely on this so much. My question is pike also can taste for a better word odours within the water to help detect pray, what odours are they smelling? blood? or some other chemical released by pray fish? Is their an odour that will turn on a pikes "killing" instinct? such as amino acids for instance.

Pike will also eat a dead pray fish, which is where their sense of smell would come into its own, as this dead pray fish could be 10's of meters away, therefore unseen by the pike in a murky water environment, but it can smell the dead pray, again what is the pike sense smelling?

thank you for your time.


sorry but no-one seems to know the answer to your question.