Hey, I have seen many sites that say exeptionally large wolverines can reach 70 lbs in weight, though I'm skeptical about that. The reason why I'm skeptical about it is because I went on Wolverine-Foundation.org: & they stated that the largest known wolverine ever was 50 lbs, not 70, as many sites suggest. Though    I heard from a Norwegian lad of mine saying that in Scandinavia, the wolverines are reported to grow over 61 lbs, & in another case, 77 lbs. He also said that some wolverines approach 120 cm ( 4 feet ) in body lenght, without the tail. So I went to Norway, & I saw a large wolverine skull in his cottage, when I measured it, it was a staggering 216 mm ( 21.6 cm ) in lenght! So is it verified that wolverines can reach such sizes, or are these all myths? Or maybe is it that the Eurasian wolverine subspecies are larger ( & darker furred, some are even black furred ) than the North american wokverine ( the America wolverine is rather red-furred, instead of dark ). But then the East Siberian wolverines are rather blonde furred, as well as the Mongolian ones.

as a UK based site, I think it most unlikely anyone on this site has sufficient knowledge in this area to be able to address your questions definitively. You should bear in mind that anecdotal reports of a particularly large specimen for any species (which may or may not be true and are usually difficult if not impossible to verify) do not relate to the average size (taking into account gender and age) of the species. Think about humans - we have the occasionally very tall person (naturally or due to various hormonal diseases) and the same will be true for variation in the weight of any given species.

for sure your last statement will be correct - it is very likely that geographically separated subspecies grow to different size/weight determined by the local conditions.

Some of the links at the end of the wikipedia page look like they might address, at least in part, your question.