am noe 18 years old and i like nature and wildlife so much , i m seeking advice because i have stutter problem so i m worried that i wont be able to do what i love . please suggest me some jobs where communication is not much important but work ? I like outdoor i have no interest in other fields : /

This is not the advice you want, but here it is anyway ...

Communication is always important, in almost any job. There may be nothing you can do about your stutter (although some forms of therapy can be helpful). But you can work on your written communication.

Your question is full of typos, misspellings, incorrect punctuation and lower-case letters where capitals are required. You can learn to fix all these problems, if you'll take a little more care. Doing this will make you a much more appealing candidate for any job.

Not really what you asked, but I hope it's helpful. Perhaps others will have ideas about specific jobs.