First-timer here.
I have read that a certain number of birds (pigeons, doves and flamingos for instance) feed their young with a substance close in function to mammalian milk called 'crop milk'. It is very nutritive and helps the little squabs grow much faster. It has apparently be tested on chicks with some degree of success.
Has there ever been:
- any attempt to generalize the use of crop milk to enhance poultry growth?
- any attempt to (mass-)produce synthetic crop milk (for the above purpose)?
If not, is it due to technical or economic reasons? Or maybe is it simply "wrong" to feed poultry with crop milk? (the way it was "wrong" to use meat and bone meals to cows).

Thank you very much for your answers,


see below for more details on "crop milk". I can find no information or scientific publications on any attempts to commercialise a synthetic substitute. I suspect it will be very difficult and expensive to generate which is why it has not been done thus far.

http://web.stanford.edu/group/stanfordb … _Milk.html