Hi there! I'm digging this site.

I've got a few questions. I'm a 20 year old from New Zealand, and I'm currently playing 'catch-up' with my maths and chemistry in order to get into a University Biology program (didn't take any sciences/maths in highschool). For as long as I can remember I've always been facinated by wild creatures and, from a young age, I'd always run off in search of them during any hiking/outdoor activity!

It's my dream to be some sort of field zoologist who spends a lot of time in the outdoors (including harsh enviornments) in order to carry out research/collect data. Could someone please give me some advice on things I can do aside from studying which would increase my chances of aquiring such a position? Does anyone here do such a thing/have done it in the past?

Cheers for your time.


This sort of field, in the UK at least, is very compeititve so do as much voluntary work and get as much work experience as you can.

agreed - consider volunteering ar wild life or nature reserves, zoos, vets, etc

Also some Universities have animal units that may allow volunteering work with small and/or large animals.